Peterhouse College

Enjoying a central location in Cambridge, the College provides a peaceful setting for conferences, meetings and dinners. Peterhouse was founded in 1284 and is Cambridge's oldest, and smallest, College. Residential accommodation, located mainly in the William Stone Building and in St Peter's Terrace, comprises approximately 100 single rooms (34 with hand basins). There are bathrooms/shower facilities and kitchen facilities on each floor.The College Kitchens have for generations enjoyed an enviable reputation for serving good food, and the Buttery offers excellent wines. Formal conference meals are served in the Hall, which was constructed between 1286 and 1290, and was the first collegiate building to be completed in Cambridge. Alternatively, certain functions and dinners can be accommodated in the Upper Hall which provides an ideal setting for smaller groups. Sample menus and wine lists are available for perusal by conference organisers, who are invited to compile their own menu in consultation with the Catering Manager.

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